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Travel Tip #2

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Why I ❤️ Museum Exhibitions!

  1. Knowledge - It’s like taking a course! For less than the price of most art books (and definitely classes) you often get a complete overview of an artist and their work. Or a snapshot of a moment in his /her career.

  1. Time - Less time consuming than touring an entire museum. Thus, you are able to focus on your true interests.

  1. Privilege - You get to peek into the private collections of both museums and wealthy collectors.

  1. Personal Style - The elements of creativity: color, shape, material and texture may profoundly impact your own personal style, from clothing to home decor.

  1. Travel Experience - Exhibitions are great ways to enhance your overall travel experience, i.e, Eiffel Tower in the morning and a Coco Chanel Exhibition in the afternoon.

  1. Maybe you can’t buy a Monet or a Rodin, but you can bring home a beautiful reproduction of their work or at least a postcard of the image. I personally have lots of postcards that I often frame.

Do you love attending exhibitions? Which one has been your favorite?

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