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The Bouquinistes of Paris


Latin Quarter, River Seine

Need an idea for a perfect lazy day

in Paris? I’d suggest taking a little stroll along the river Seine and explore the numerous Bouquinistes.

What’s a bouquiniste? They are basically open air bookstalls that have been lining the river Seine since the 1500’s. Parisian bouquinistes are now collectively a UNESCO World Heritage site. Used books and antiques were originally sold, but today you’ll find that an assortment of souvenirs, posters, postcards and local artwork have been added to the inventory.

Although prices are posted, feel free to do a bit of haggling. But be respectful. Remember your still standing in someone’s “store.” And this is their livelihood.

The bouquinistes that I visited were located very close to Notre Dame Cathedral and Sainte-Chapelle.

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