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The Chic But Cheap Traveler

Welcome! The Chic But Cheap Traveler is a travel guide for the sophisticated yet price savvy.  Through reviews on stylish and affordable things to do and see, I will take you far beyond the traditional guide book.

Follow me at The Chic But Cheap Traveler and discover great restaurants, places to shop and hotels that go easy on the wallet.  Explore hidden local gems in exciting cities.  Experience fabulous fashion and top art exhibitions around the world.  

I truly hope The Chic But Cheap Traveler inspires you to get out there and experience this beautiful world - whether it be in your own hometown or across the ocean.


About Me

My passion for travel started way back in high school (date will never be revealed! Lol!), when my very first job involved being part of a team of camp counselors from around the world.  I was intrigued by their accents and stories of their home countries.  I continued to be intrigued in college while interacting with international students and taking Spanish as my electives, although graduating with a BA in Economics.

My young life's defining moment came when I decided to quit my very first job after college and travel to Spain, for what was only supposed to be six months.  It would be three years before I would see the United States again.  I threw myself into becoming (for the most part) fluent in Spanish, teaching English as a second language and traveling around Europe.


Years later, during a mid-life career change from university career development director/ human resources recruiter to a job that requires and allows constant travel (domestic and international), my passion for travel was reignited.  


Throughout my life, I have visited 34 countries.  And no matter what, I still always discover something and beautiful.


My Travel philosophy:


1) Travel often.  None of this once a year for a week vacation mentality. 


2. Use travel to enhance knowledge.  I attend lots of exhibitions.  They are like taking mini university courses.  I also always buy the audio when offered in museums.

3. I believe that while traveling, if a purchase is going to enhance the moment, your home environment or your future, without stifling you financially, then go ahead and buy it with not regrets.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding The Chic But Cheap Traveler or travel in general.





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