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Uno de 50

Although a Spanish brand, I first stumbled upon Uno de 50 while visiting Le Marais in Paris. The brand's designs are extremely unique and just simply gorgeous! Not exactly cheap, but an affordable luxury whose price you don't mind paying because the pieces are so distinctively beautiful. Expect lots of complements.

Uno de 50 jewelry is handcrafted with all designing and metal casting completed in Spain. The pieces tend to be either silver or gold plated combined with leather, stones or crystals.

If you are interested in exclusivity, you are in the right place. The brand's name Uno de 50 (one in fifty) refers to their origins of producing only 50 pieces of an item (just think, only 50 pieces in the entire world - now that's truly exclusive!). Today most pieces are produced in large quantities; however, the tradition of exclusivity lives on with select specialty collections.

Uno de 50 really has something for everyone: women, men, 20 or 50 somethings. In addition, you will find a variety of price points. Average prices for rings - 85 euros; bracelets - 100 euros. Limited production items are obviously, and you will find justifiably, more expensive with some surpassing the 900 euro mark.

Whether or not your are in the market for a new piece of jewelry, stop by Uno de 50 in Le Marais - it will be like going to an art gallery. Uno de 50's silver and gold pieces are truly works of art.

Uno de 50

40 Rue des Francs Bourgeois

Paris, 75003

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