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Bistrot de L’Oulette

Updated: Nov 22, 2021


Paris is known for many dishes and one of it’s most popular is escargot (snails). For years, I have searched for “the best escargot” but usually wind up with a dish that is “just ok.“ However, after my experience at Bistrot L’Oulette in Le Marais, I think I may have finally found "the best.”

Service - I am starting with service because from the very beginning Emanuel, my waiter, was so nice, attentive and informative. I was not that hungry and did not want a full dinner. Just a few appetizers - one of them being escargot. I explain all of this to Emanuel who, after I had made my selection, immediately began suggesting the order in which I should have each dish. Afterwards he proceeded to help pair my wine with the meal - and I will add, the wine he suggested was wonderful. In addition to the food order and wine suggestions, I was given a brief explanation as to his culinary reasoning.

Each appetizer was served separately, like a course in and of itself. First dish - Half cooked salmon with sesame seeds served with honey soy sauce. Second dish - Green asparagus and parmesan soup and finally, the escargot.

The salmon was very fresh and the honey soy sauce really added an extra touch of flavor. Loved the soup - very creamy, buttery with a light asparagus flavor.

Although, I thoroughly enjoyed the salmon and asparagus soup, I was really blown away by the escargot! I just assumed the escargot would be prepared and served as is typical - in a tin tray with garlic butter and herbs sprinkled on top. But not at Bistot de L’Oulette.

I was told the escargot is made from a proprietary recipe and prepared by a chef who has worked at Bistro de L’Oulette for over 30 years (who I met). Typically served in the shell, my escargot was served out of the shell in a light parsley soup-like cream that included garlic, butter, celery and almond bits. Taste? Delicious! And the presentation was très elegant!

Three appetizers and two glasses of wine totaled 49 euros. Entrees average about 22 euros. No, not cheap. But for the food quality and four star servic, it was worth every penny! This is now, one of my most memorable dining experiences in Paris.

Note - Bistrot de L’Oulette is a very small (really small) restaurant, so call ahead if you are in a group of four or more.

Bistrot de L’Oulette

38 Rue des Tournelles

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