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Travel Tip #8 - Part 1

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

One thing I really appreciate about staying in hotels versus apartment rentals is that I typically have use of a metal safe. Usually the safe is located somewhere in the room, but sometimes it is behind the hotel’s reception desk.

Hotel safes are ideal for wallets, tablets, cash, documents, passports, cellphones, tickets and jewelry. Basically, just about anything of value. I have even had safes large enough to stow my 14 inch laptop.

Using the hotel safe is simply smart travel behavior. Never leave valuables scattered throughout your room. Although hotel cleaning staff are typically quite honest and very helpful in ensuring a clean and comfortable room, you still must be careful. In addition, you definitely do not want to walk around town with all you valuables (especially your passport) stuffed in your pockets, backpack or purse. What happens if you get robbed? The thief now has everything. Only carry copies of important documents with you, leave the originals behind - in the safe.

Word to the wise!!! ☝🏾☝🏾☝🏾Before preparing to check out of your hotel, always take items out of the safe first. You would not believe how many hotel visitors forget and leave valuables in hotel safes.

Travel safe!

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