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The Place London


British and top international fashion designers are showcased while at the same time talent from emerging independent brands is introduced.

Atmosphere - relaxed but very chic. My walk through the boutique was like flipping through a luxury lifestyle catalog. I did recognize a few brands - YSL, Loulou de la Falaise, Yves Salomon and Lori Piana, but the majority were new to me. For instance, I discovered Alice Archer. A brilliant designer who uses hand, digital and machine embroidery to create some truly beautiful and artistic designs.

In addition to top designers and emerging talent, The Place London is a haven for exclusive designer contracts. Meaning, a number of their designer collections can only be purchased at The Place London, no where else. So if you buy a coat or handbag you will be one of a very select group of individuals in possession of said item. Now that’s exclusive!

As far as prices go, The Place London is not exactly cheap - women’s accessories start at about 100 euros. However, on many levels, the prices can be justified. Let’s face it, we are talking beautiful and exclusive design. No one you know will have your outfit. On a budget, wait for sales! I was there during Soldes (national sales) and saw a beautiful coat whose original price was over €2000, but was discounted to €800.

Sales associates spoke English and were very friendly. Extremely knowledgeable and able to answer questions about the various brands and designers.

You can also check out The Place London online. Excellent wardrobe enhancers or very chic gifts.

The Place London

8 Rue de l’Odéon

Paris, 75006

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