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The Cupola

Galeries Lafayette Haussmann

Part 3

The Cupola (Dome)

10 Fun Facts:

  • Inaugurated in 1912.

  • Designed in Art Nouveau style by architect Ferdinand Chanut, who colaborated with Édouard Schenk (steel frame work) and Jacques Grüber (stained glass work)

  • The Art Nouveau styled cupola beautifully complements the ironwork (designed by Louis Majorelle) on the balconies.

  • The Cupola sits 43m (141ft) above the ground floor.

  • The glass dome is supported by “…10 concrete pillars linked by arches that open onto the surrounding stories.”

  • The beautiful stained glass panels stretch over 1000m2 (10,763sft).

  • During WWll, the dome was actually taken apart and stored to protect it from shattering during bomb raids.

  • The Cupola is now considered a national monument.

  • Seasonal decorations under the dome always add to the extraordinary, magical nature of Galeries Lafayette.

  • Step out on a glass walk (16m or 52ft above ground). Look up for a spectacular view of the Cupola!

Galeries Lafayette Haussmann

40 Boulevard Haussmann


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