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St. Patrick’s Day ☘️ Chicago Style

St. Patrick’s Day In Chicago ☘️💚

Five Fun Facts:

☘️Since 1962 Chicago, which continues to have a sustainable and influential Irish community, celebrates St. Patrick’s Day by traditionally pouring approximately 40 pounds of powered vegetable dye into the Chicago River to turn it temporarily green. And yes, the photos are true to color.

☘️As a result of Ireland’s Great Famine (1845 -1852), the United States saw an explosion of Irish immigration. At one point, the Irish actually made up one fifth of Chicago’s population.

☘️St. Patrick (Patron Saint of Ireland) was a real person. He is acknowledged with having brought Christianity to Ireland and denouncing Britain’s cruel treatment of Irish Christians.

☘️Scholars have written that St. Patrick included traditional pre-Christian Irish symbols and stories into his teachings of Christianity to inspire greater understanding.

☘️ An interesting legend has it that the shamrock was used by St. Patrick to explain Christianity’s Holy Trinity- Three entities making up one God; One plant consisting of three individual leaves.

Even though I am not of Irish decent, I have always found (especially as a child) St. Patrick’s Day to be quite enjoyable. Hey, when else can you wear an entire green outfit and everyone thinks you’re cool! ☘️💚

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