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Shop The Terminal!


Forget your phone charger at home? Think you might be cold on your next flight and need a sweater? Having a bout of the sniffles? Need some cold medicine? And what about a souvenir gift for that special loved one? Well, don’t fret. Shop the terminal!

Airport terminals at major domestic and international hubs have now installed a variety of stores to meet just about every culinary, apparel, cosmetic, electronic and gift need or desire.

Travelers can expect to find household names such as MAC Cosmetics, Chick-fil-A, Sunglass Hut, Tumi, Victoria Secrets and Swarovski Crystals and more. In addition, visitors may discover vendors whose shops are locally own or retailers who sell products (including food) that are locally sourced, thus helping to support and strengthen the area’s economy.

A recent three hour sit in the B Concourse at Denver’s International Airport reminded me of just how many airport shopping choices actually exist. And yes, the prices for most items (especially food and electronics) are a bit higher than a retailer outside the airport, but you don’t have time for price comparisons and Amazon doesn’t deliver to airports - at least not yet.

The above video includes some of the shops and eateries I frequent when I have “sit time” at Denver International Airport.

  1. Steve’s Snappin’ Dogs

  2. Tattered Cover Bookstore

  3. Mosaic

  4. Colorado Beef Bundles

  5. Inmotion Entertainment

  6. Earth Spirit

  7. Caribou Coffee

  8. Johnston & Murphy

  9. Modern Market

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