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Opera In Italy! Bellissimo!

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

Opera in Rome!

Upon arriving in Rome, I was so excited I couldn’t nap and just wanted to go out and rediscover Rome. After walking for about five minutes, I ran across a small church that was advertising several opera performances.

Wow! I thought, talk about laws of attraction! Seeing an opera performance in Rome has always been on my “Ultimate Living” list of things to do. Sorry, can’t stand the phrase “bucket list.”

The site of my first opera performance in Rome was called St. Paul’s Within The Walls. It turns out that this 19th century church was the very first non-catholic church built within the walls of Rome (thus the name). Just as noteworthy are the structure’s acoustics - phenomenal!

I was concerned that the performers would be rather amateur. Hey, we’re in some small church, right? Not at the Scala in Milano. I was dead wrong! Again the acoustic were phenomenal. And the performances outstanding. The smaller venue felt really intimate. It was like attending a private opera performance, but without all the stereotypical pretense.

I enjoyed my first performance so much that I went back the following evening to see another - The Three Tenors! Now how many people, do you know, can say they’ve seen The Three Tenors in Rome?

Opera in Rome, in a beautiful church and only 30 euros a person! Now that’s truly Chic But Cheap!!

Check website of St. Paul’s within the Walls for concert listings.

Note: I’ll admit, my video visuals are not very sharp. So I suggest listening to the performance with eyes closed, for a much better experience. Let me know what you think!

St. Paul’s Within the Walls

Via Nationals, 16a

00184 Roma

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