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Louvre Museum Survival Guide

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

It has been a year since France has been open to the world. If the French government holds to its June date to welcome visitors back, the Louvre museum will be one of the first stops for millions- ok, not immediately, but very soon afterwards. Whether it will be your first time or one of many, following my Louvre survival tips will ensure your museum experience is enjoyable as opposed to simply endurable.

Tip 1

Summer at the Louvre means crowds - massive crowds. If that sounds like a nightmare (and for me it is), consider some of Paris’s smaller museums. For instance, if you’re dying to see Impressionist paintings, try Musée L’Orangerie or Musée Marmottan.

Tip 2

Don’t try to see everything. Believe me, the Louvre will be there on your next visit to Paris. Use the Louvre’s online map and decide where your interests lie. Are you primarily interested in famous renaissance paintings? Then you may want to forgo the enormous Greek, Etruscan, Roman and Egyptian antiquities sections. Leave something for your next visit.

Tip 3

Take a small snack like a power bar or a bag of nuts. This will help you maintain your energy while trasping through those long corridors and up and down the staircases.

Tip 4

Keep valuables in front pockets or in zipped compartments.

Tip 5

Dress in layers. Wear comfortable shoes.

Tip 6

Buy the audioguide for information and an overall historical frame of reference.

Tip 7

Buy tickets online or purchase the Paris Museum Pass. You will still have to wait in a line, but things will move a lot faster.

Tip 8

Arrive early. Meaning well before Le Louvre even opens. Trust me, you will not be the only one of in line. Buy a carry out breakfast and eat it while waiting.

Tip 9

Visit an art gallery if you want to see art but feel big museums are not your thing. Paris has tons of art galleries for all tastes and interests.

Tip 10

Finally, don’t feel pressured into visiting the Louvre. There are so many other things to do and see in Paris and still come away with an authentic Parisian experience.

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