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Hôtel Jeanne d’Arc Le Marais

Updated: Nov 22, 2021


During my last visit to Paris (July 2021), I was very keen on exploring the Parisian neighborhood of Le Marais. I’ve always been drawn to its storied royal medieval past, its unique fashion boutiques, the gourmet food shops as well as the area’s amazing art galleries and museums. So in searching for a hotel, my two non-negotiables were: 1) Location - central Le Marais and 2) Room Rates - very affordable. Finding Hôtel Jeanne d’Arc, proved to be “mission accomplished.”

Location - Talk about location! Location! Location! Hôtel Jeanne d’Arc is just around the corner from major sites such as Place Vosges, Hôtel Sully and the Musèe Carnavalet. You are no more than a 10 minute walk to the Musée Picasso and about 15 minutes to the Pompidou Center. Notre Dame Cathedral and the River Seine, as I surprisingly discovered, are a lovely 20 minute walk. Le Marais is a very beautiful and historic area that plays host to a large international selection of food, fashion, art and French historic sites. Hôtel Jeanne d’Arc puts you right in the middle of all of this.

Rooms - Originally, there were no rooms available in my room type (double) and price range. But the hôtel’s website asked if I really needed a room for two people ( I guess this is how a double room/ bed is defined in France). I responded by indicating there would only be one guest in the room. And bingo! A room immediately became available!

Now in listing the room as a “single” and for one person, the hotel was not kidding. It was a very accurate description. There literally was only enough room for one person. Two people (adults) would have had some difficulty storing belongings and moving around at the same time. But for me and my needs, it was fine.

The bed was very comfortable, and although not a twin, seemed more like a small full-size bed. Again, for me, it was more than adequate and I slept very well.

I actually liked the wall paper and exposed beams. I felt as though I had rented a room in some medieval hunting cottage.

View From Room - Simply beautiful! I couldn’t stop taking photographs. Ask for a front or street facing room if you like this view.

Please note, larger (and more expensive) room types are available.

Bathroom - Small, very basic and dated. But clean. I peaked inside a larger room and discovered the bathrooms were quite modern. So, bathroom size and quality will depend on room type chosen.

In Room Perks - Free WiFi, Mini-Refrigerator (I love having one in my hotel rooms), an Extra Blanket (for me, a luxury perk!), a Telephone (yes, that old style phone actually worked-not just for decoration), Coffee Pot with instant coffee and tea bags; a Safe for storing valuables; Writing Desk.

Room Negatives - No air conditioning. When I walked into my room, there was a small portable fan sitting on the desk. Luckily, I never really needed to cool down the room.

General Hôtel Perks - 24hr front desk/ Concierge service. English spoken. Free breakfast. There is a small kitchen area open to guest that includes a microwave and dining utensils - plates, cups and silverware.

Accessibility - There are both elevators and stairs. A wheelchair accessible room is available upon request.

Noise Level - I am extremely noise sensitive, even in my own apartment in the USA. So I wondered if I would hear noise from the cafes, restaurants and bars down the street on Rue de Jarente - I didn’t. Not a peep, except for the odd motor bike going by. I was pleasantly surprised.

Customer Service - Very good. 24hr Concierge and Front Desk Receptionist. During my two night stay, staff was very nice and welcoming. The front desk receptionist organized my taxi pick up and transport to Charles De Gaulle Airport. They even called me (on the old style phone) the evening before my departure to confirm - very good customer service.

Safety - I personally felt very safe at Hôtel Jeanne d’Arcs Le Marais and also while walking around Le Marais (even as late as 10pm and remember, I am traveling as a solo female). But of course, one should always maintain a sense of situational awareness and keep valuables close by or out of public sight - but we should all do this even in our home towns.

Price - First night: 109 euros ($127); Second night 79 euros ($92). Although for me, a $127 rate is getting a bit pricey ( I prefer hotels rates $125 or below. Remember the blog is called The Chic But Cheap Traveler), but $92 for the second night was great and again, I was willing to pay a bit more for the location. In addition, typical Le Marais summer (non-Covid world) hotel prices would have been much higher.

Trip Advisor awarded Hôtel Jeanne d’Arc Le Marais the 2020 Traveler’s Choice and I can see why - 1) Visitors can not beat its location. 2) The rooms (even the smallest) are comfortable and have great amenities such as refrigerators, a coffee service, free WiFi and a telephone.

3) 24hr concierge/ reception.

Hôtel Jeanne d’Arc Le Marais

3 Rue de Jarente

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