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Flamenco 💃 Pt. 2



Flamenco Fun Facts - Part 2

💃 Flamenco makes use of such elements as “call and response,” stomping (similar to tap dancing), clapping (called Palmas), fluid arm movements, sensual hand gestures and rapid spinning to express profound emotion and passion.

💃 Initially, flamenco simply involved various forms of rhythmic chanting. The dancing and guitar playing, we associate with flamenco, were later introduced as the dance form evolved.

💃 Flamenco lyrics tend to revolve around passionate love, deep personal pain and even spirituality.

🌺🌺 During the three years I lived in Spain, I witnessed (and participated in) a lot of flamenco dancing, singing and playing. I always found it to be very soulful. My favorite artists are Roció Jurado “Donde Estas Amor” - I still love this song! And Paco de Lucía, who I actually saw perform here in Chicago! Beautiful performance!

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