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Cheap Eats in Paris!

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Rôtisserie Dufrénoy

Montmartre Food Kiosk

Carry outs offer an excellent way to have a great dining experience, while at the same time maintaining social distance from others. For those lucky enough to be able to travel to France, you will find lots of tasty carry out options - charcuterie (upscale delis), street food and prepared food from a grocery or top department store. One of my favorite carry out options is from Rôtisserie Dufrénoy. It happens to be located the neighborhood of Montmartre.

Although roasted chicken (never dry and always well seasoned) is the house specialty, I return time and again to Rôtisserie Dufrenoy for their au gratin potatoes with truffles (Le gratin truffe), one of the many tasty side dishes offered.

For me, there is nothing special about au gratin potatoes, but the addition of truffles is a real game changer. The truffles act as a major flavor enhancer. At Rôtisserie Dufrenoy, truffled au gratin potatoes are always there and always delicious. I literally only eat au gratin potatoes when I visit Paris and only at Rôtisserie Dufrenoy in Montmartre.

Prices are by weight. You decide how much you’ll buy. And you can order a whole or half chicken. Le Gratin Truffe (2.5 euros for 110 grams or 3.5 ounces); 1 piece of roasted chicken with 2 sides (9 euros). Very affordable. These were pre-Covid prices. Prices may have changed a bit since.

Staff doesn’t speak much English, but are always nice and helpful.

Afterwards, head over to the local grocery store or turn the corner to buy a bottle of Bordeaux from Nicolas on rue Abbess and voila! It’s picnic time. Bon appetite!

Rôtisserie Dufrénoy (Montmartre)

20 rue Lepic, 75018

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