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Brassiere De La Tour Eiffel

I recently discovered a cute little bistro literally down the street (only a block away) from the Eiffel Tower. I wanted to rest a bit, have a nice glass of wine and a small bite to eat before my Seine River cruise. Also, after the crazy drama filled day I’d had trying to transfer my American CDC vaccination information into the French Pass Sanitaire system (read 6 posts back), I was exhausted - both physically and mentally.

I Normally, I never stop at restaurants so close to major tourist sites. They tend to be over priced, the food is never that good and the ambiance is well…touristy. But at the time, I really just needed to sit, eat and drink - anywhere. So, I was very pleasantly surprised that my experience at Brassiere de la Tour Eiffel turned out to be so delightful.

In addition to being down the street from the Eiffel Tower, Brasseriere de la Tour Eiffel is also across the street from the Seine River cruise dock and ticket area. So it was a great spot to sit and wait for my cruise. I wanted to take the 9pm cruise. It was 5pm. But this is Paris, an unlike in the USA, you are never pressured to leave an eatery after a certain amount of time. So, I sat. I drank. I wrote. I drank some more. And then finally ordered a bite to eat. The entire time I felt nicely looked after by my waiter, who at one point spent quite a bit of time explaining the various French coffee styles to me.

The ambiance of the bistro reflects both the neighborhood (upscale 7th arrondissement) and the fact that it’s a stone’s throw away from the Eiffel Tower. Think of it as local upscale with a dose of international tourism - but “on good behavior” tourism. The spot is also great for France’s favorite pass time - people watching. My four hours on the terrace - eating, drinking, writing, talking to other tourists about the river cruise and general people watching was actually quite enjoyable. And except for my New Balance athletic shoes, I felt very French. Lol!

Brassiere de la Tour Eiffel offers a nice selection of traditional French dishes (Charcuterie platter 14 euros), Andouillette (16 euros), but they also have international items such as the Eiffel Tower Burger (16 euros) - stacked with blue cheese, honey and mustard. Comes with homemade fries.

I wanted something light, so I selected the Seafood Salad Tertre (16 euros). It consisted of diced salmon, avocado, quinoa, cucumber, grapefruit and soya sauce. It was very tasty, refreshing and really hit the spot.

Before leaving, I had several cappuccinos and a cosmopolitan (10 euros).

As you can see, prices are not exactly cheap, but for the location, good service and food quality I think the prices are fair.

I definitely recommend Brassiere de la Tour as a relaxed chic spot to sit, have a bite to eat, people watch and plan your next move in Paris.

Brassiere de la Tour Eiffel

2 Avenue de la Bourbonnais

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