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Bottega Trevi


Sometimes getting lost can be a good thing. Awhile back, during a visit to Rome, I took a wrong turn (thanks Google Maps!) while trying to find a popular leather glove shop. As a result, I stumbled upon what has now become a favorite deli/pizzeria/wine shop. Yes, I know most places that do it all typically don’t do it well, but this place is very different. The name of my little culinary find is Bottega Trevi.

In the beginning, I was just curious and really taken in by the wall of olive and truffle oils, jams, patès (dried tomato, asparagus, green olive and many more choices), in addition to the hams hanging from the ceiling and the array of fresh olives. But after being offered cheese, salami and wine samples (which all turned out to be rather good), I decided this would be a perfect place for lunch.

Everything looked so fresh and tasty.

I wound up ordering a couple of slices of pizza topped with cured ham, mushrooms and cheese. I also decided to purchase a small selection of olives and mushrooms. Since it was blazing hot outside (Rome in July!), I thought it best to forgo the wine and have a cool Limonata. Excellent lunch! Not super cheap at €12 euros, but affordable. Without the olive/ mushroom sampler, I would have only spent €8 euros, which is pretty good for a filling lunch of such quality food.

Bottega Trevi makes for a great place for lunch or a light dinner. And with their extensive selection of wines, the back room is a perfect “happy hour” meeting spot.

Upon leaving Bottega Trevi, I saw a sign directing people to the Trevi Fountain which was literally around the corner, thus the name “Bottega Trevi”- duh!

Bottega Trevi

(Around the corner from the Trevi Fountain)

Via Della Panetteria, 15A/16/17

00186 Roma, Italy

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