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Bistrot Victoires


After a day visiting the Louvre, I guarantee you’ll be famished and tired. Solution? Head over to Bistrot Victoires, an old-style Parisian bistro offering traditional French cuisine at very reasonable prices.

Bistrot Victoires , just a 10 minute walk from the louvre, actually offers three choices for dining - 1) a small table outdoors, 2) a cozy table in the bar area or 3) a nice size table in the dining room. It really just depends on the number of people in your party and the type of experience you’re looking to have. I was starving and dizzy with fatigue from the huge (and I do mean huge) crowds at the Louvre (pre-Covid 19) so I chose the dining room - more space. And since I arrived quite early for dinner - no crowds!

I felt very welcomed by my waiter Bart who was both attentive and full of suggestions regarding the menu. While traveling, I like to see as well as eat a variety of things that are unfamiliar. So, I decided to go with the homemade terrine for my appetizer. This very traditional french dish (very similar to pâté) was accompanied by greens and bread. It is listed as a starter, but could actually be a meal in and of itself.

The menu at Bistrot Victoires is not extensive, but the food is hardy and very well prepared. For my main course, I had the Duck Confit. It was nicely seasoned and tasty.

Bart, my waiter, was so nice. He actually came to my table to say goodbye and that his shift was ending - wow! Who does that! Server Bart does. And it wasn’t to pay the bill.

While in Paris, Bistrot Victoires is the place to dine if you are looking for a casual laid-back atmosphere, very attentive staff and traditional French home cooking - all at a reasonable price. Without wine, my dinner came to 20.50 euros. But of course, I could not resist a glass or two of wine (I was in Paris!🙂) - so my bill ended up being 32 euros. Not bad for a good meal in one of the most expensive cities in the world.

Bistrot Victoires is also open for lunch, but as I understand it can get pretty crowded. The same goes for dinner. The bistro is very popular with both locals and tourists alike.

Bistrot Victoires

6 Rue de la Vrillière

Paris 75001

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