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Berlin Cathedral

Part 1

I highly recommend Berlin as a fun and cultural travel destination (you know, when the world opens up again). I visited the city for the first time in late 2019. There is so much there - world class museums, great food, fashion, music and amazing historic sites.

The photographs in this post are of the Berlin Cathedral, also known as Berliner Dom. Its beautifully located on the river Spree at the beginning of what is termed Museum Island. The grand church that we see today was a major (and expensive) project commissioned by Germany ‘s last emperor, Wilhelm ll and stood as his “St. Petersburg (Rome) or Saint Paul’s (London) Cathedral.”

The Cathedral’s dome or cupola sits 321 feet high (97.84 meters). I actually climbed the 270 steps (thank you albuterol inhaler) to reach the top and was rewarded with a spectacular view of Berlin.

For historical architecture lovers, there are two rooms where visitors can view models and sketches of the Cathedral’s architectural evolution in addition to actual stone artwork that was previously on the building’s facade.

Berlin Cathedral

Berliner Dom, Museum Island

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