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Berlin Cathedral

🌸 Part 2

Note - The above and following photographs were my reward after climbing 270 steps to walk outside and around Berlin Cathedral’s Dome.

10 Fun Facts:

  • The Berlin Cathedral is the largest church in Berlin and considered to be the most important Protestant church in Germany.

  • In 1894, during the reign of Emperor Wilhelm ll, the German crown was the head of the Protestant church (in German) not the clergy. Thus, it was Wilhelm ll that decided to demolish the original church and build the grand Protestant masterpiece we see today.

  • The extreme interior and exterior opulence was designed to represent royal power and grandeur.

  • The Cathedral has been the resting place of the German monarchy (Hohenzollern dynasty) for over 500 years. Many of the coffins have very interesting and opulent sculpture work on them.

  • The Cathedral’s two dominant architectural styles are Neo Renaissance and Baroque.

  • Berlin Cathedral contains one of the largest organs in Germany with over 7269 pipes.

  • The grand church and site date back to the Middle Ages.

  • Statues of Martin Luther and John Calvin, two of the most widely know figures in the Protestant church, can be found throughout.

  • The stain glass windows are richly hued and display very emotional biblical scenes.

  • 270 steps upwards will allow visitors to walk outside and around the Cathedral’s grand dome.

Berlin Cathedral

Berliner Dom

Museum Island, Berlin

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