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Tim Hotel Montmartre

Paris, France

When it comes to choosing a hotel, I am all about the location. And my last visit to the popular area of Montmartre in Paris was no exception. I decided to stay at the Tim Hotel Montmartre, which ensured I was well placed to thoroughly explore the famous village-like neighborhood of Montmartre. The Tim Hotel Group is a French brand and consist of 15 hotels located in trendy Parisian districts.

Location - Excellent. The Tim Hotel Montmartre is a stone’s throw from iconic sites such as Sacre Coeur Basilica, Place Tertre (the famous artist circle), Rue Lepic with its many restaurants and cafés, Rue Abbesses for shopping and finally the Moulin Rouge.

Rooms - Due to noisy neighbors, I stayed in two different rooms during my three day stay (August 2021). Here’s the scoop.

My First Room (Above Photo) - Very nice, bright and comfortable. This Superior Double Room was quite spacious and had lovely French windows that allowed a great deal of light to enter. Nice size double bed (a bit smaller than a USA queen size). I did not spend the night (changed rooms due to noisy neighbors) but took a short nap and found the bed to be quite comfortable.

Room Amenities - Complementary WiFi and coffee/tea service including a bottle of water. Small writing desk, telephone and metal safe for valuables.

Bathroom - Very clean, modern and aesthetically pleasing but quite small. Bathroom sizes varies with room type.

Customer Service - Very Good. Upon complaining to the front desk about the loud noise coming from the room next door (birthday party at 10pm), a hotel representative came up, knocked on the “party room” door and asked my neighbors to keep it down. But about a half hour later, the noise returned - and this time, a bit louder. (I guess they could not contain themselves). I called the front desk again and asked to be moved to another room. My request was granted without hesitation and the representative immediately provided me with a key to my new room. I was very impressed by the attendant’s swift response to my dilemma. It is natural that things like a noise disturbance happen at a hotel. But it is how problems are handed by hotel staff that makes all the difference. Good job Tim Hotel Montmartre in this respect!

My Second Room - Both rooms included double beds, but my second room was noticeably smaller. There was not much space in which to move around. Compared to my first room, the living/bedroom area felt a bit cramped.

However, a major redeeming quality of my second room were the French doors that opened onto a narrow balcony. For me, this feature really bumped the room up several notches. During the day, there was lots of sunshine, fresh air and a killer view of Montmartre rooftops. An old accordion player below, in the small plaza facing the hotel, added an additional “Je ne sais quoi.“ At night, you could see a small portion of the stark white Sacre Coeur Basilica illuminated against the black backdrop of night - quite a beautiful site.

Bathroom - Spacious. Best part being, the large walk-in shower. Space for two! A pretty sizable window let in lots of fresh air and sun light. Separate toilet or “water closet.”

Hotel Negative:

Remember, I was moved to a second room because of my previous noisy next door neighbors. So, after my first night I thought the “noise problem “ was solved - wrong! My room was on the front side of the hotel, which happens to be adjacent to a popular bistrot that attracts lively street musicians. No problem during the day, but at 10pm, it’s a problem. 11pm, more of a problem and beyond 12am! Really guys!! I kept thinking that at any moment they would stop. Especially when midnight struck. But no!

How and why the neighbors of Montmartre put up with this is a mystery to me. Thank God I travel with ear plugs or I would never have gotten to sleep. Birthday party noise is one thing, but live music right outside the window at 12am! And in the middle of of the week?!? Honestly!! I am also surprised the Tim Hotel, on behalf of its guests, hasn’t put a stop to the late night entertainment.

Price - For the area, room rates at the Tim Hotel Montmartre are always pretty competitive. During the low season (October - March), I have seen rates as low as $75/night! Note: During the holiday season rates may substantially higher. Area Safety - As in any environment, urban or rural, situational awareness is key. But I always feel quite safe while walking around Montmartre, day or night.

Important Note - Although beautifully located, the Tim Hotel Montmartre is situated at the top of a hill or incline. Travelers with mobility or respiratory challenges may have difficulty reaching the hotel on foot. Especially, from rue abbesses (the closes metro stop). I myself usually had to stop a few times before reaching the top. If this is a concern, consider hailing an UBER or taxi.

Final Thoughts:

With the exception of the noise disturbances (I’m hoping the winters will be quieter),

I enjoyed my stay at the Tim Hotel Montmartre and recommend the lodge for its comfortable rooms, affordable rates and prime location in the heart of Montmartre. Keep abreast of room rates, during the low season, as you can often snag great deals.

Tim Hotel Montmartre

Place Emile Goudeau

11 Rue Ravignan, 75018, Paris

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