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The Blackbird - London

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

If you are looking for classic English cuisine with a friendly atmosphere in a beautifully designed restaurant and pub, look no further than The Blackbird in South Kensington.

I stopped in for breakfast and was so impressed that I went back for dinner!

Breakfast - I ordered what is called the “Full English” which consisted of black pudding, something I have always wanted to try. Black pudding is really a sausage. It was tasty but a bit crunchy. However, the waiter said that I could have it made a little softer the next time.

Dinner - Returned to have England’s famous “fish and chips.” As many times as I have been to London, this was my very first “fish and chips” experience and I wasn’t disappointed. Fresh haddock deep fried in batter until crispy golden, alongside a helping of tasty fries. The dish was served with a nicely flavored tartar sauce. In addition, I opted for the chutney rarebit. Another dish new to me. The origins of rarebit, as it turns out, are Welsh. The dish is quite simply melted cheese over toast with chutney (relish or jam).

Prices - You can find classic English dishes such as fish and chips for less than the £14.50 I paid. And a “full English breakfast” will not always run you £9.95. But at The Blackbird you are paying a little more for wonderful ambience, friendly service and quality food.

I highly recommend The Blackbird for a memorable breakfast or dinner. Just wanting to wet your whistle? Consider the pub portion, as it has become known for its beer selection.

The Blackbird, Earl’s Court

209, Earl’s Court, London SW5

9AN, United Kingdom

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