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The Sun, The Moon and One Star

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

The Sun, The Moon and One Star

Joan Miró

Directly across the street from the Chicago Picasso stands a Joan Miró sculptural masterpiece, “The Sun, The Moon and One Star.” The title and the work are closely tied to the artistic philosophy Miró is most famous for - surrealism. You may remember from art history class that surrealism attempts to explore the human experience through unconscious and irrational elements such as dreams and the cosmic universe.

Fun Facts:

  • Miró’s sculpture is considered to be inspired by the female form as well as the cosmic universe.

  • The sculpture was actually commissioned in 1963, but due to financing wasn’t unveiled until 1981.

  • This artistic work stands 39ft (12m) tall.

  • Artistic elements include steel, bronze, concrete and ceramic tile.

  • Miró handmade the ceramic tiles in Majorca, Spain and created the bronze elements in Barcelona.

  • Now greatly admired, initial public reaction was mixed. With some individuals so strongly opposed that red paint was thrown on the sculpture.

  • Miró’s famous Chicago work is sometimes referred to as “Miss Chicago.”

Personal opinion - I love this sculpture; however, I think it is in the wrong place.

The sculpture is almost hidden away. It would be better displayed and admired in an open plaza or park. I wonder if the public’s lukewarm reaction to the piece played a role in its placement.

Location - 77 W. Washington St., Chicago, IL

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