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Pierre Hermè - Macaroon Extraordinaire!

Pierre Hermè - Macaroon extraordinaire!

Amazing sensory experience! Had the rose macaroon and immediately felt I was surrounded by roses! The passion fruit really tasted like you were biting into a piece of passion fruit. All the exotic flavors were there. At Pierre Hermé, the brain-tongue relationship is very apparent and quite astonishing.

In Paris, you can buy macaroons just about anywhere, however at Pierre Hermé you are not just buying macaroons, you are actually buying a experience.

You will find several locations throughout Paris, including some with cafés. I purchased my macaroons at Pierre Hermé, L’Opera - not a cafe, simply a retail store.

Pierre Hermé Paris Locations:

39 avenue de L’Opera

133 avenue des Champs-Élysées

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